2017: A year in review

It’s the end of December, which means it’s time to reflect on the year and express our gratitude for all our great memories. Normally I don’t like to share too many photos of ourselves because I want to inspire our readers and make the story about the place and less about our vacation. Here are some of our more personal memories that happened along the way this year.

Our 2017 most Cherished Memories

A winter cabin weekend Truckee getaway | A friendly snowball fight scene. Friends tackle eachother and throw snowballs. Big smiles and rosey cheeks in a white winterland. #winter #snow #sledding #cabin #truckee #california #travelblog #wholewidenworld

The epic snowball fight with our friends in Truckee

silly morning cuddles

These daytime naps and playful morning cuddles are what we live for.

The sunset district, San Francisco | #sanfrancisco #sunsetdistrict #wholewidenworld

When we said goodbye to San Francisco this year.

Zero in the the park | #corgi #park #summer #wholewidenworld

This is Zero embracing our new life in Pleasant Hill.

jeremy and zero dancing

We spent our summer in the backyard, having BBQs and doing silly dances.

sunrise over mt diablo

One morning we woke up early to see the sunrise over Mt. Diablo and it was magnificent.

On 4th of July, we hiked with friends in Las Posadas State Park. It was hot and dry, but all we remember is zero’s happy derp after a long hike followed by a delicious lunch in St. Helena.

notes from jeremy

This whole year, Jeremy slipped in handwritten notes into my lunches. These notes were just small gestures that kept me smiling throughout the day.

reuniting with friends from Sweden in Gothenburg

Our travel decisions were influenced by our longing to reconnect with far away friends. We planned our whole trip to Norway and Sweden around visiting our Swedish friends in Gothenburg, Sweden, and it turned out to be just as memorable and special as the night we first met them.

Jeremy and Loretta hiking mt. vidden

We hiked some of the most demanding terrains this year. Our hike in Bergen, Norway was so challenging and yet so stunning. It felt like such an accomplishment to complete it.

Flam - playing with baby goats | #goats #flam #norway #travel #travelblog #wholewidenworld
playing with goats in flam, norway | #goats #flam #norway #travel #travelblog #wholewidenworld

The beauty of Flam, Norway was completely eclipsed by the memory of playing baby goats. It’s small, and unexpected things like this that remind us to be spontaneous and lean in to opportunities to climb in the goat pen and let them climb all over you.

Under the canopy of trees on Siltcoos Redwood Trail, Oregon | #hiking #oregon #travel #camping #travelblog #wholewidenworld

I found my inner peace while hiking along the Siltcoos trail in Oregon. With each step, I silently thanked the ancient redwoods for helping me regain what I had lost and felt overcome with gratitude.

While we cherish our grand adventures, sometimes we love the simple things like playing cards at the table on a camping trip. I remember watching the light flutter as it passed through the trees, leaving dots all over the table and thinking that this moment was just perfect.

Jeremy's 29th birthday

We celebrated Jeremy’s birthday in the Presidio, with a picnic playing bags on the grass and eating good food truck food. It was a typical sunny San Francisco day and the best part was spending it with friends.

playing bags at left hand brewing in Colorado

Our road trip through Colorado wasn’t complete without drinking beer and playing bags with old college friends.

 Every time I thought I had seen it all, Colorado would surprise me the next day with something even more beautiful. I stood there looking out into the canyon of Mesa Verde, admiring its beauty and trying my best to remember every detail.

Tent rocks

It was such a gratifying feeling when we finally got to the top of the tent rocks trail ridge and saw this view.

Taking a holiday photo with a corgi | #corgi #holidayphoto #bowtie #wholewidenworld

We’ve been taking a family photo on a Thanksgiving day hike since 2012 and it has become our annual family tradition, one that we look forward to every year.

Looking ahead

We are excited to be going to Japan later in 2018. We’ve been researching and taking Japanese lessons, so we can immerse ourselves in the culture. Loretta plans to take a long weekend with her oldest friend to celebrate their 30th birthday and 20 years of friendship in New York City. We hope your 2018 is full of happiness, adventure, and new experiences. Happy New year!

Happy new year
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