Year in Review_ 2018

2018: A year in review

It truly is hard to believe another year is coming to an end. It’s time for us to share some of our more personal and cherished memories from 2018.

We took a weekend getaway to Fort Bragg, California. This is sleepy little Noyo Harbor

Spending New Years Eve in Fort Bragg, one of my favorite places

Sunset over Donner Lake | #winter #donner #cabingetaway #wholewidenworld #sunset

That time we walked along the shore of Donner lake as the sun was setting.

The day we added Darby to our family

Photos Inside San Francisco's Color Factory | Color Factory , San Francisco | #museum #colorfactory #sanfrancisco #artinstallation #yellow #wholewidneworld
Candytopia golden pigs
Popsickle room - Museum of Ice cream | #travel #livinglikealocal #sanfrancisco #wholewidenworld #artmuseum #pink

Exploring the many pop-up museums with my best friend, Allie

Meeting our niece, Harlem on my birthday weekend in Chicago

Having weekend mimosa parties in the summer

That time while camping when we hiked around the Loon Lake and ate lunch with the most stunning view of the mountains.

That short weekend getaway to Seattle to see my brother and Jeremy’s cousin

Guide to Vancouver: Yaletown

Celebrating our second year anniversary in Vancouver

Edo period Samurai house in Kakunodate, Japan #japan #samuraivillage #travel #history

Exploring samurai houses on a rainy day in the small village of Kakunodate

The widen family photo 2018

Taking our annual family photo on the perfect hike in Marin

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