Hi there, we’re the Widens

We’re Jeremy and Loretta Widen, two creative people who love to travel. Welcome to our corner of the internet where we share with you stories about our travels and celebration of togetherness.


Loretta Widen Portrait

About Loretta

Loretta spends a lot of time making things and dreaming about far off places. By day she designs apps in San Francisco. By night she helps small, barely-even-started-yet entrepreneurs launch their dream businesses. On weekends she can be found hiking and taking photos of beautiful California scenery with her husband and adorable dog, Zero. She continues to dedicate herself to learning new mediums and creating delightful and inspiring products.

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Jeremy Widen

About Jeremy

Jeremy is a freelance cinematographer, wood worker, and camping enthusiast. Jeremy feels most alive sleeping on the ground under the stars in the mountains. He is the king of beer and food pairings, and will give you a run for your money playing pool.

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About Zero

Zero is our energetic and playful 4-year-old corgi. He absolutely loves climbing sand dunes, rolling around in the snow, and hopping along river rocks.

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