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Best of Norway and Sweden

Our recent trip to Norway and Sweden was full of so many beautiful experiences and memories. We return with our hearts feeling fuller, our minds relaxed, and our spirits at ease. We spent 8 full days exploring 5 different cities. We took planes, trains, trams, and a ferry down a fjord.

Wandering the streets of small town Bergen

Our first introduction to Norway sits quietly in a harbor at the foot of the mountains on the west side of the country. Bergen is a preserved slice of Norway’s history and culture and is exactly what I expected of Norway. It was here that we found some delightful souvenirs to take home and remember our trip by.

Wandering through Bergen, Norway
Brygen, Bergen - Norway

Hiking Mt. Ulriken to Mt. Floyen

The 13 km hike across Vidden will perhaps be the most memorable aspect of our trip. The natural wild beauty of Norway mountains stunned us, but to say this hike is difficult is an understatement. We paid physically and mentally to get through this 13km hike, but in the end, we are glad we did it. It challenged me in a way I had never been challenged before, and while I hated it while I was in it, I feel like I know more of what I am capable of.

Hiking Mt. Ulriken to Mt. Floyen - take the gondola ride
hiking in Bergen, Norway - Mt. Ulriken to Mt. Floyen

A magical fjord ferry boat ride

Probably my most favorite part of the whole trip was the ferry ride from Bergen to Flam. It is amazing to glide across the gentle waters of a fjord and gaze out at the mountains as a viking once did. Along the shore, red roofed houses peppered the mountain side. Everything is so quiet and peaceful.

Ferry Ride to Flam - houses
Sunset in Flam, Norway

Playing with goats in Flam

What does one do when a sign says “please play with the goats”? We climb in and play with the goats. Watch out! If you look like a chair, you will be treated as such.

Flam - playing with baby goats | #goats #flam #norway #travel #travelblog #wholewidenworld
playing with goats in flam, norway | #goats #flam #norway #travel #travelblog #wholewidenworld

Getting up close to an authentic viking ship in Oslo

The powerful force of history hit me square in the chest as I walked around these large historic vessels. The craftsmanship from the curve of the bow to the ornate details leave me awestruck, wanting to learn more about these people who lived so long ago.

Viking Museum - Oslo, Norway

Re-uniting with old friends in Gothenberg

One of the main reasons for coming to Sweden was to see our friends Linus and Amanda in Gothenburg, who we met in New York on New Year’s Eve in 2015. We met up for dinner and drinks and enjoyed stories and laughs well into the night.

reuniting with friends from Sweden in Gothenburg

Walking the narrow streets of gamlastan in Stockholm

Possibly one of the most iconic spots in Stockholm, I made this the first stop in Stockholm. Arriving early means less tourists and more time to enjoy these beautiful spice colored buildings in the early morning light.

Gamlastan, Stockhom - Sweden
The narrow streets of Gamlastan, Stockholm
Gamlastan, Stockholm - Sweden
Odd Alice and Wonderland display in Gamlastan, Stockholm - Sweden

All along the narrow streets, curious shops hold hidden and bizarre treasures.

Enjoying all the authentic cuisine of Norway and Sweden

Between the perfectly not-too-sweet pastries, the hand-made sandwiches at every coffee shop, and the traditional hearty dinners, we had plenty of delicious meals to sample on our trip.

Authentic pastries from Baker Brun in Bergen

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Best of Norway and Sweden : Bryggen, Bergen, Norway. Red and brown buildings peppered with rows and rows of windows and tall slanted roofs are sandwiched together along the main street. People walk in and out of the shops and restaurants in this small traditional Norwegian town. #norway #bergen #bryggen #bestofnorway #bestofsweden #travelnorway #travelsweden #travel #wholewidenworld
Best of Norway and Sweden : Gamlastan district of Stockholm. Here are the famous spice colored buildings of Gamla stan in Stockholm. It is here that one can walk the narrow stone streets, shop for souvenirs, eat traditional Swedish foods, and see the dala horse museum. #norway #bergen #bryggen #bestofnorway #bestofsweden #travelnorway #travelsweden #travel #wholewidenworld
Best of Norway and Sweden: Flam is a picturesque photo of the mountains and the fjord around flam at sunset. Flam is a small village surrounded by mountains and waterfalls on three sides in Norway. The water is calm and leads into a large fjord where you can travel by ferry from Bergen to flam. The local shops and restaurants are highly touristed but still fun to explore. #norway #bergen #flam #bestofnorway #bestofsweden #travelnorway #travelsweden #travel #wholewidenworld #fjord

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