Camping in Coloma

Camping in Coloma

Coloma is a quiet old mountain town; it’s famous for being the site where the first flakes of gold were found in the 1800’s thus sparking the gold rush. Now, it’s a great place to get away from the city for a weekend on the river.

Camping in Coloma

The Thousand Trails RV Resort Ponderosa sits right against the South Fork American River. There you can sit outside and watch the sky turn pink as the sun sets over the soft rolling hills of gold country.

sunset over the river in Coloma
Hiking with my boys in Coloma

In the early morning light, hike the dewy trail along the river and witness the airy fog glide in over the water. Have a coffee by the fire and watch the sunrise turn the hills a bright gold.  

Morning mist

Take a trip to the Marshall Gold Discovery State Park and enjoy walking around where gold was found. 

James Marshall’s Cabin

Take a drive into town and get a drink at a local watering hole or pop your head in one of the thrift shops and find a new treasure to bring home.

China Town metal model souvenir from Coloma

We were delighted to find a metal San Francisco trolley car. It appeared to be fate that we should have it, because at the time we lived on California Street, where this very trolley rode past our apartment every day and night. It felt like it was ours.

Zero and Jeremy at night in the cabin

I love this picture of my boys on our last night in the cabin. The look of contentment on Zero’s face just makes my heart melt.

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