Group camping trip at Indian Grinding Rock

Camping Indian Grinding Rock

Indian Grinding rock sits quietly in the heart of gold country in California. This small park is home to a large smattering of pitted rocks used by the native Miwok tribe to grind acorns and other food. The open field near the grinding rocks also houses circular huts and tipis to admire.

Indian Grinding Rocks
Indian Grinding Rock huts
Indian Grinding Rock Tipis

This park is humble, not pretending to have beautiful picturesque forests or lakes. In the summer, the air is hot and dry. The fields turn golden and waft gently in the slight breeze.

Indian Grinding Rock Trail
Indian Grinding Rock

At night, build your fire, tell ghost stories, and gaze up at the twinkling stars.

Before leaving, make sure to stop off in Sutter Creek for breakfast or just a slice of pie. Walk along the main road, duck into consignment shops, and pick up a memento. Don’t miss the distillery at the end of the road. We picked up a bottle of Muscat, Kentukyaki bourbon teriyaki sauce, and some bourbon-infused cooking salts.

On cautionary tale: ALWAYS make sure you wear long socks on hikes through tall grass, even if its 100 degrees out. I got a nasty case of Chiggers while walking through those fields because I wore capri leggings and short socks.

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