Camping Lake of the Springs

Camping Lake of the Springs

It’s springtime which means it is once again time to dust off the camping gear, load the car, and drive off into the wilderness for some natural therapy. My parents live full time in a 5th wheel trailer and throughout the year, they travel around the north and southwest, experiencing new towns, making new friends along the way, and returning back to old ones. We are headed out to meet them at Lake of the Springs with a group of friends who also needed a break from the big city.

Lake of the Springs lake

After a day of driving, we quickly make camp. This is the first time ever that we have camped with a group, and we are hopeful that it marks the beginning of an annual tradition.

Hiking Lake of the Springs

With no specific trail in mind, we begin our hike around the lake. Along the way, we laugh and tell stories, we take silly pictures and marvel at the beauty around us.

Hiking lake of the springs with friends

What makes this hike so special, is that it is with our closest friends. These people have seen us through so much. They said goodbye to us when we left for Chicago, and they welcomed us back when we came home. They are kind and thoughtful and they always make our time more enjoyable together. On this day, we walk together present in the moment, with each other and for each other.

Lake of the Springs - Jeremy and Zero with flowers

We hike along the edge of the lake, climbing over rocks and boulders until we come across a field of purple flowers. It is so stunning, and we feel so lucky to have witnessed it. We decide that this is the spot where we will rest and enjoy lunch.

Purple field of flowers
Zero loves flowers

After arriving back at camp, we play games, listen to birds in the trees, and relax. Even though there is rain that night, we feel grateful to the universe that we had this experience together and deem it a successful first camping trip together, with many more to come.

Friends Playing games
Lake of the Springs

A final gift from mother nature was waking up before everyone else to view a peaceful scene along the lake.

All is quiet early in the morning at the lake. The fog drifts slowly, swirling and obscuring the shore.
Lake of the springs
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