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A Fall Hike in Boulder, Colorado

While on our road trip in Colorado we decided to meet up with friends from college at a cafe in downtown Boulder. The crisp air and the first crunch of leaves underfoot tell us that fall has arrived and we are eager to enjoy it. We start on the Boulder Creek path that follows a lazy stream, continues under bridges and makes it’s way up into the canyon. The path is dappled with the soft light coming through backlit golden leaves, and the earth smells wet from the rain the day before.

Fall Hike in Boulder | Whole Widen World

As we enter the beginning of the canyon, the trail continues onward along the road for a time, then meets back up with a now lively creek.

Hiking Boulder Creek Path
aspen trees in Boulder Colorado

It’s nice when there is no destination in mind. We go as far as we feel like it and then we turn around. We walk for about an hour before we turn back and make our way back into town to find lunch.

hiking with friends in boulder
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