The view from the top during our hike around Bon Tempe Lake in Mt. Tam #hiking #california #californiahiking

Hiking Mt. Tamalpais Bon Tempe Lake

One sunday morning we woke up and decided it was time for a hike. I wanted to escape the heat, so we headed to Mt. Tam, hoping it would be cooler than the east bay. We started down a gravel path along the reservoir. Darby and Zero eagerly pulled on their leashes, eager to sniff and explore this new place. The air was warm with a slight wind and the sky was clear except a few small wisps of white off in the distance.

Hiking Bon Tempe Lake, Mt. Tamalpaise | Whole Widen World #summer #hike #mttam #california #northbay #californiahiking #wholewidenworld

After a short time, we came to a fork in the trail. We headed left and made our way in the shade of a forest. With each footfall and pitter patter of corgi paws on the forest bed, my shoulders relaxed and I became more and more present in the moment. The trail hugged the lakeshore, the trees made dark silhouettes against the rippled green waters of the lake.

We came upon a steep bank in the shade, and I decided I wanted to sit for a few minutes in silence. I needed a moment to take it all in, to allow myself to reap the benefit of being out in nature. I sat calmly, watching the rippled water reflect the trees in the glassy surface. I watched my dogs, so eager to jump in the water. I listened for birds and other sounds off in the distance. Most of all, I quieted my own thoughts that had grown so loud as of late. These thoughts around my worries, and my anxieties. I let them all fall silent as I sat there and gave myself permission to just be, without any other thought or feeling.

Hiking bon tempe lake, mount tam #hiking #california #californiahiking

The trail began to wind upward and soon we found ourselves hiking in the heat. The air felt dryer up above the treeline. We kept going, knowing by now that we had taken a wrong turn, but we were committed.

Hiking bon tempe lake, mount tam #hiking #california #californiahiking

Our efforts paid off. We were rewarded with a stunning view of the surrounding hills and the lake below. We stood there, grateful we pushed onward instead of heading back and correcting our course. By the time we arrived at the car, the boys were hot but happy. Even though we chose the wrong path, it still provided a fulfilling hike and lead us to discover another great view of the bay area.

Hiking bon tempe lake, mount tam #hiking #california #californiahiking

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