How to get in the mood for Ireland

How to get inspired before visiting Ireland

Your ticket is booked and you’re headed to Ireland! How exciting! We love that feeling of excitement as we count down the days to a far-off place. We spend those times watching shows and reading up on books all about the history and culture of the place we’re going. That way, when we get there, we’re already in the spirit of the country we’re visiting and can understand and appreciate the differences in culture from our own. Check out this list of songs, books, and shows to consume before heading to the Emerald Isle.


Traditional Irish music

While in Ireland, it is impossible to avoid hearing traditional Irish songs. They are everywhere from bars to street corners. This list is our mixed tape of Ireland. We have sung these songs countless time before and after our trip.


The Secret of Kells

An animated feature about the history of the book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript created and continued by monks during the 6th – 9th centuries.  The story is whimsical, weaving religious faith with fantasy and mythology.

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The Song of the Sea

Another animated feature (by the same animation house) about A brother and sister learning to cope with the loss of their mother. This movie is one of my favorite movies of all time. It marries beautiful landscapes, whimsical irish mythology, and a touching story.

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A young boy uses his imaginary friend (Chris O’Dowd) to deal with life’s challenges in a small Irish town in the 1990s. Hilariously funny, giving small glimpses of what it was like in Ireland in the 1990s.

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Leap Year

One of my guilty pleasures (along with P.S I love you), This movie is about a high strung type A woman who is tired of waiting for her boyfriend to propose so she plans to meet him on his business trip in Ireland and propose, but everything imaginable goes wrong and she is forced to find her way to him with the help of a hunky Irish local. It’s a silly and predictable romcom BUT it shows some beautiful views of Ireland. Available on Netflix


This is Ireland – By M. Sasek

M. Sasek created a series of beautifully illustrated children’s books about cities in the 1960s. This is Ireland captures small snapshots of Irish culture, the people, architecture and more.

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Anything written by W.B. Yeats

You can’t go to Ireland without knowing one of their most celebrated authors. William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet and highly influential in literature during the 20th century. Pick up a copy of Yeats and read up on his prose or better yet, find a beautiful hardbound copy in an old used bookstore somewhere in Ireland. It will make for a great keepsake.

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Illustrated Map of Ireland | Digital illustration of Ireland by Whole Widen World #digitalillustration #illustration #map #illustratedmap #irelandmap #ireland #irishmap

Check out our highlights of Ireland

We took a road trip through Ireland for our Honeymoon starting and ending in Dublin. It was an amazing 8 days and permanently cemented Ireland into our hearts. Check out our route for inspiring photos and things to do in Ireland.

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How to get inspired before traveling to Ireland | #ireland #travel #traveltoireland #wholewidenworld
How to get inspired before traveling to Ireland | #ireland #travel #traveltoireland #wholewidenworld
How to get inspired before traveling to Ireland | #ireland #travel #traveltoireland #wholewidenworld
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