Photos inside San Francisco's Candytopia

Photos inside Candytopia

The whimsical candytopia sign in San Francisco

In 2018, the concept of a pop-up museum really means only one thing– It’s an opportunity to take selfies in front of visually appealing shit. San Francisco lost its mind over the chroma-filled color factory, then months later, the Museum of Ice Cream (Moic) arrived on the scene and people didn’t seem to care that they were buying into the exact same thing. When I bought the tickets, I knew what to expect, but I have to say… Candytopia is far inferior to the Color Factory and Museum of Ice Cream.

Candytopia entry neon lights

Neon lights leading to Candytopia

Candytopia entry neon lights

To start, it felt like there were far fewer rooms and things to explore in Candytopia. There were only 5 or so rooms that were memorable, and in those rooms, there wasn’t much to interact with.

My reserved self felt so out of place in this kiddie room

The audience for Candytopia appeared to be parents with small children. There were kids everywhere and some of the rooms were specifically designed as kid play structures. It felt like our group of four women sans children didn’t belong.

Candytopia Mirror throne

I ultimately had to let loose a little and just pose for the camera. 

The gallery room in Candytopia

The Gallery room has artwork on the wall made entirely of jelly bellies.

Candytopia in San Francsico Photo warp room

The Candytopia wormhole wall felt random in a place all about candy. 

Candytopia ocean room

The ocean room at Candytopia was by far the most impressive. 

Candytopia ocean room scupadiver made of candy

Candytopia tries to satiate our need for a sugar high but it sadly just wasn’t sweet enough. For people who have been to Color factory and Museum of ice cream will sourly be disappointed that it will be a bland imitation. We ultimately did our best to have fun despite our disappointment.

Candytopia golden pigs
Candytopia confetti shower

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