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Welcome to Whole Widen World! We’re so glad you’re here because it means you are an aspiring travel junkie just like us. Whether you’ve got 1 or 100 stamps on your passport, we hope you find our stories and photos inspiring.

We believe that traveling and being outdoors makes us whole.

Whether we’re tasting a new dish in some far off place, camping under the stars, or hiking a new trail, we know that by connecting with nature and learning about new cultures, we are growing together and living a happier life that aligns with our values.

Winter Cabin Weekend Truckee Getaway: Check out photos from our annual winter getaway in Truckee. We lounge by the fire in a rental cabin, eat junk food, go sledding, and play in snowball fights. It's a time of celebration of our friendships with some of our most dear friends. #truckee #winter #wintercabin #wintergetaway #weekendgetaway #travel #snow #wholewidenworld
Fort Bragg
Lake fog - Lake of the springs

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