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Visiting Magic Town, Colorado Springs

While visiting Colorado Springs on our road-trip, we happened across a curious place called Magic Town, the art exhibit of the sculptor, Micheal Garman.  From the outside, it appears to be a magic shop but upon entering, you realize it is something entirely different.

magic town exterior

Upon entering, the store appears to be a sculpture shop, full of handmade figurines of soldiers, people in different professions, and animals. The faces are rough and the colors are muted and dull, giving it this very Americana feeling. On one wall, the figurines are placed in a to-scale scene of a city street. The brick apartment buildings stand at least 4 feet tall and are so detailed, with figurines staged inside the windows. It is a very romanticized snapshot American life during the 50s and 60s.

Magic Town colorado springs

This is INSIDE one window of one building in Magic Town. The level of detail in these scenes is amazing!

For a small fee, you can see the whole exhibit of magic town. We happened to be there right when everything was themed for Halloween, which was an extra bonus. Crossing under the neon light threshold we were transported into a miniature town, perfectly at scale with the figurines and incredibly detailed. One could spend a few hours in here admiring each scene, making up stories and seeing this exhibit come to life.

Another remarkable part of this installation was the use of mirrors and holographic videos to make the town seem endless. Looking down an alley way, it appears that there are even more buildings that can not fully be seen. Suddenly a hologram will appear or alight will shift and the scene will change. This happens all throughout the little town.

Magic Town Museum, Colorado Springs, Colorado | #museum #coloradosprings #travel #roadtrip #wholewidenworld
Magic Town Theatre, Colorado Springs

I highly recommend visiting Magic Town. It’s a memorable experience and it’s a worthy cause to support a local artist who dedicated his life to creating such fantastic displays. You can even take home your own figurine if you so choose.


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